Louis XV, Beethoven, Kierkegaard, Napoleon, David Lynch – one thing they have in common – an immeasurable love for coffee.

We bring you a number of fun, but also shocking facts about the obsession of celebrities, some of the greatest geniuses, with this super-drink.

Ludwig Van Beethoven used exactly 60 coffee beans to prepare one cup.
Famous director David Lynch is so in love with coffee that he decided to produce it himself. David Lynch Signature Organic line name is his organically produced coffee.

Louis XV also grew his coffee in the Palace of Versailles. Napoleon called coffee an “intellectual” drink.
It is said that the famous satirist Voltaire consumed up to 50 cups of coffee a day. The doctor warned him that the coffee would finish him off, but Voltaire still lived to be 84 years old.

How many cups of coffee do you consume per day?